Before they were four ...


With Bill and Kelli

November 2017

Bill is my nephew's father and Kelli is his new wife. Bill, or Billy as I always call him was in a relationship with my sister a while ago, but despite all their good intentions, they discovered their true soulmates with new people that the universe brought into their lives.  They still have my nephew in common who is simply amazing and that makes me happy because I believe he highlights the best of both his parents. 

I don't really correspond much with Billy. Simply because I don't see him as much. I always extend my regards through my nephew and exchange the usual niceties when I bump into him around town. Which is oddly more frequent than you'd expect - although, let's keep it real, Rhode Island is not the largest of states. Bumping into people is fairly routine. 


Loving her husband!

Billy and Kelli - 11/2017

Thanks to the power of social media however, no one is ever truly out of touch anymore, so I was pleasantly surprised when Billy reached out via Facebook messenger asking if I would be willing to take pictures of his happily pregnant wife Kelli. I immediately obliged because it would be a welcome opportunity to catch up with Billy, meet my nephew's step-mother and do something nice for my nephew's father.  He is family after all.  So we meet at the Esmond Conservation Park Area in Smithfield, a nice little nook that I love to frequent in town. I caught up with Billy, officially met Kelli for the first time and learned all about what's new in their lives. It was a nice exchange. I discovered both Billy and I work in Fall River Massachusetts. We exchanged the requisite stories of hardship and commute commiserations.  Kelli glowed the whole time I was photographing her and Billy tripped over himself frequently in his attempts to ensure that she was comfortable. They both talked about how excited they were to be adding a new member to their family. Billy was particularly excited about having another son to throw the ball around with. 

It was nice catching up and I was happy to have contributed something to celebration of my nephew's brother's arrival.  

Congratulations Bill and Kelli!  You two are going to be amazing parents to your little bundle of joy and I look forward to welcoming him to the family this December. 

Billy and Kelli 

Billy and Kelli 

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