The 2017 Providence Children's Film Festival

Last month, it was my honor to photograph the 2017 Providence Children’s Film Festival. This year marked my 4th year working with the festival as it’s “Official” photographer and like in years past, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The festival is such a great event. It's one of the few corporate events that I cover each year, and while I hope to expand this part of my business, I don’t think I’ll find a corporate event that’s as much fun as this one.

I love the film festival for several reasons but at the risk of boring you to death while I wax eloquent, here’s just three big reason why this festival is Bae.


I love, LOVE movies. Which means photographing the film festival is like enjoying an annual smorgasbord! Covering the film festival involves lots of walking and hustling about.  To keep up my strength, I make sure I take strategically planned rest stops in the various theaters showing festival films.  This year, I watched Kayayo, Sonita, Mr. Frog, and Willie Wonka and The Chocolate Factory. All were great movies! Sonita is a must-watch for any teenager, especially a female one.  It’s now streaming on Netflix if you’re interested in watching it.


Sharing movies with my children

I grew up on a well-rounded movie diet that consisted of action movies, science fiction, fantasy, documentaries and musicals.  I especially loved movies with subtitles because they added something mysterious and special for me. It was as if the story was just too vibrant to be told in just one language and so it had to be translated.  Thanks to the HUGE Bollywood presence in Lagos, Nigeria - where I grew up, Indian movies were the staples of my diet. With each Indian movie, I got musicals, drama, subtitles, fantasy and action all packed into one colorful film! Amitabh Bachchan was my Brad Pitt and we were destined to be joined in a doomed love when I grew up. Now thanks to the film festival, I can share the joys of watching all these different types of movies with my children.  It’s like taking a ride on a throwback machine with my kids in tow!  Last year, despite not being able to follow along with the subtitles, my then 7-year old son fell in love with Zip Zap and the Marble gang a 2013 spanish adventure movie. This year, now 8, in addition to all the magical shorts he watched as part of the Kid Flix Mix: Best of New York International Children’s Film Festival 2016, my son watched Willie Wonka and the Chocolate factory two times and declared it better than Johnny Depp’s Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. My work here is done *mic drop*



I love food. All kinds of food.  I could pretend that I’m not as taken with food as I am, but anyone who knows me, knows well enough what kind of monster I turn into when deprived of food.  There’s no “diet” in the world that I could adhere to with fidelity because I’d be fighting my very nature as a food whore. I WILL NOT BE SHAMED BY THIS!  I credit the PCFF with my now current love affair with food trucks. Before the 2014 film festival, I was a restaurant girl. Then I met The Lotus Pepper food truck and I became a promiscuous food truck patron! Oh the food from the food trucks! Who knew such delicious decadent awesomeness could emerge from a tiny window cut into the side of the truck. Man alive I love food! After the Lotus Pepper - which was my first Vietnamese food experience and introduced me to the Banh Mi *swoon*, I went on a food truck rampage.  Now I can’t wait for summer when the food trucks are out and about all around the city! But it’s not just the food trucks - it’s all the food everywhere on Thayer St.  Grabbing a slice of pizza at Antonio’s is the annual tradition of my 14-year old son, while my husband, 16 year old daughter and 8 year old son hit up East Side Pockets - home of the best Falafel this side of the Atlantic. This year, I discovered Crepes and Mofongo. Lord have mercy! My life will never be the same again. 


I'm already excited for next year's festival!