Emily and Michael's Engagement Session

Emily and Michael's engagement session with me occurred a month before Christmas. If you recall, it was frigidly cold and although the sun was shining, you couldn't really feel the warmth on your face because your face was frozen.  

Since Christmas was just around the corner, Emily suggested we have a session during their hunt for a Christmas tree.  It was a fantastic idea and I jumped on it immediately! The weather had been mild and there was this awesome Christmas tree farm in West Greenwich Emily wanted to try, so we all sallied forth.  The second we stepped out of our cars however, we looked at each other and immediately thought - "We have regerts".  IT WAS COLD! Super Duper Cold! 

For the first few images we took, Michael snuggled up to Emily, not to look cute and cuddly but to leech heat from her marvelous faux fur-lined vest.  We called him out out on it of course, which also made for great images!  

But then, once we got going, and our extremities were pretty much numbed by the cold, we got down to making images that warmed my heart. We had a fun day walking around in the trees. 

I'm looking forward to photographing their wedding later on in October this year.  Stay tuned next week for Vicki and Lexi's engagement session.  This time, I travel to the site of the first psychiatric hospital in Massachusetts, and believe me when I say, we were not alone!