Brianne + Dylan

"We are so beautiful" - Brianne gasped as I showed her the image on the back of DSLR. I laughed in agreement.  Dylan and Brianne were incredibly beautiful, not just physically, but in spirit. It's been a while since I've come across a couple like these two. Beautiful and strong in their joint Christian faith, they exude a calm that belies their youth. 

Dylan is a collegiate level baseball player from Oklahoma who came to Rhode Island to play baseball for college.  He met Brianne here through mutual friends and their ensuing story is the stuff of fairytales.  

These two lovebirds are going to make their way to Oklahoma shortly after they wed = much to the chagrin of Brianne's family and friends here in Rhode Island and the delight of the Brooks family.  

Good luck Mr. and Mrs. Brooks!  God's speed and stay blessed