Charlene + David

These two got married on the first weekend of June, on the first truly WARM day of summer.  They were married at their home in Chepachet RI, which made for an incredibly relaxed atmosphere.  They were surrounded by friends and family who made everything special for them. And I mean, everything - Moms setting up the reception area, Dads breaking down smoked meat - this wedding was a labor of love from everyone. 

Charlene and David were so chill, I wish I could have bottled some of their zen energy for my personal use in some of the more frantic moments of my life. One of my favorite things was Charlene's bouquet which was made up of silk flowers and pages of her favorite Harry Potter novel - which I believe was the Harry Potter and The Globlet of FIre (don't quote me though). I also loved the relationship David had with his father. The two of them had a complete blast the whole day. 

My assistant Aidan loved the smoked meat.  I loved the laughter from everyone all day long. It was a great day! 

Congratulations to Charlene and David!