Ashley + Michael • Engagement Session at Lincoln Woods, Lincoln RI

Remember when I asked if I'd ever be warm while photographing at the Lincoln Woods State Park? The answer is Yes.

It turns out the universe heard my plaintiff cry in February when there was snow on the ground and I almost froze poor David and Charlene to death.  The universe was also paying attention in May, when Antonia and Mike also appeared destined for a tragic hypothermic end. 

Ashley and Michael's engagement session happened on a swelteringly hot day. I mean, it was sub-saharan, hazy mirage, hot. Michael and Ashley wanted to be as far apart from each other as possible because it was sticky. But you can't tell that from the images we made! We laughed as much as we sweat while we walked around the park. Michael was a great sport too because he gave up a league sports game complete with friends and ice cold beer to listen to my corny jokes and walk around in long pants. I know though just by the way he looked at Ashley, he would have walked on hot coals just to make her smile, so all was good!

As we wrapped up, we all agreed - thank heavens the wedding is in November!