Kellee and Edwin - Wedding at the Endicott Estate in Dedham MA

I had the privilege of photographing Kellee and Edwin’s wedding at the Endicott Estate in Dedham MA. Kellee shared that she wasn’t really interested in having a big wedding, but Edwin wasn’t having that. Edwin wanted to have a big ole party where he could celebrate marrying the love of his life with his friends and family. Kellee had to grin at bear it!

Their wedding date was September 9th, 2018, but the party started the day before. Kellee surprised Edwin by flying his sister in from Puerto Rico. Edwin was in tears when his sister showed up at their home for the rehearsal dinner. And that’s just how the festivities began. Kellee got ready with her bridesmaids at her home, then transitioned over to the Endicott Estate to finish getting ready.

The couple was wed beneath the famed weeping willow on the estate grounds. I was so certain Edwin was going to burst into tears when he saw his bride, and he did but not before Kellee’s brother did. Kellee’s brother was so overwhelmed, it was all he could do to keep from crying openly.

The reception was off the chain! I know… who am I? off the chain? but it was! There is music and then there’s music. Edwin and Kellee turned out. This was one wedding where I think I danced more than the guests.

Congratulations to Kellee and Edwin!