Yenisse and Al • An impromptu engagement session in the rain

So there are days when the weather is great, I’m not doing anything and I start jonesing to make photographs. These days are the worst because on those days, I have no one to make images of or for. I can’t ask my children because they are so sick of standing in front of my camera. Asking my friends is often an exercise in futility because we all live busy lives and so the one time I’m home and alone are the times they are Über busy and have something scheduled. So, I’m home twiddling my thumbs. Like I said - the absolute worst!

Lately, I’ve been sending out all calls on Facebook and in all the groups that I am a member of. Usually, I get radio silence, but this weekend, I got a text from Yenisse! I almost passed out in shock! Someone actually got back to me. We made a quick plan, put everything together and of course once we got started, it started raining. But I was not about to let that stop us. And for 45 minutes in the warm spring drizzle, Al, Yenisse and I made some gorgeous pictures on a gray Sunday afternoon.

Check out these two wonderful people -

Al and Yenisse