Opening Day - Wicked Tulips Flower Farm

Monday April 29th 2019 was the BEST day of the month of April. Why? It was opening day at the Wicked Tulips Flower Farm and mother nature was in a fantastic mood! The sun was shinning, the breezes were “warmish” and there were blooming tulips EVERYWHERE. I imagine this is what some sections of heaven must be like. Well sans the pesky may flies and other flying insects that were buzzing around, but I digress. I had a tweaked back, I was achy but I just couldn’t let opening day go by without visiting the flowers.

Wicked Tulips Flower Farm is now open and the field is now filling up with happy humans communing with nature. Yesterday, I didn’t see a single person frowning. There were smiles EVERYWHERE! If you’ve never been to the field, know that there is something special and magical about being surrounded by so much color. The chaos energy of everyday living melts away as you walk into the field and suddenly swallow song, sunshine and the loud silence of serenity fills you. It’s incredible. Until I took my first deep breath, I didn’t realize just how tense I was. And then I wasn’t. I watched children squeal with glee at each new bloom they encountered, groups of friends walking by with bunches of tulips in their arms wishing they had more time and more arm strength to pick all their favorites. Every bloom was doing it’s very best to outshine it’s neighbors. And the smell - each time the breeze blew, you caught a whiff of the slightest perfumed scent of hundreds of thousands of flowers. I’m not exaggerating. The Farm planted 600,000 bulbs for this season. SIX HUNDRED THOUSAND. The air smelled like as clean as fresh laundry but perfumed with the lightest of flower fragrances. Not many things smell better than new baby to me, but the farm came close.

I spent just 30 minutes at the farm and felt the weight of the world fall off my shoulders. The farm is my happy place and I can’t wait to return again today. If you need me, look to Johnston - Rain or shine! I’ll be there. I have a number of mini-sessions lined up for the farm this week, and if you haven’t booked yours, get on it! Tulip season is glorious, but wicked short. Here today and gone before you know it.