Love on the East Side of Providence | Emily and Austen | Piper Brown Photography

Happy Summer my dear reader!

As I write this blog entry, I've taken refuge in my basement - the coolest place in the house because it’s a sticky July inferno outside my home. Summer has shown up in force. I think people are so hot right now, we’ve forgotten that we didn’t even have a real spring this year. We went from winter, to rain, to SCORCHING FIRE! Thankfully, the world is caught up in summer festivities. We’re all gorging ourselves on hotdogs and hamburgers, because that’s what we do in the summer. I estimate that I’ve eaten a dozen ears of summer corn, and I’m just getting started.

Emily and Austen’s June Wedding in Wayland Square, Providence RI

Emily and I met at my favorite Bridal Show - The Original Wedding Expo earlier this year. I plan to be there again this November, please swing by and visit. Emily wanted someone who would be able to take beautiful images in spite of the fact that she and her beloved are very much not photograph people. I told her that I specialize in just that thing and the rest is beautiful history!

Emily and Austen’s wedding ceremony and reception took place at St. Martin’s Episcopal Church in Providence, RI. It was a beautiful ceremony. This was another small wedding (I’m really, really enjoying these) but it was attended by folks from all around the country. From Colorado and Hawaii, Emily and Austen’s family and friends came to celebrate with this incredibly charming yet shy couple. I photographed Austen getting ready at his parents home on the east side of Providence, while Emily got ready with her sister at their apartment a few streets away. Both of them were excited to be married in front of their loved ones, but I have to say - they didn’t quite understand all the fuss that accompanied a wedding day. They just wanted to get married and share their happiness. All the pomp and circumstance that comes with a wedding is just that - Pomp and Circumstance.

It was a nice feeling watching them getting married. I’m glad they chose me to be their photographer.