Blonde young woman looking straight at camera

There's something about that last year of high school when a teenager is being ushered into their next phase of maturity that enthralls me. Maybe it's the passion of working with children spilling over into my photography work, but I love working with seniors.  I work with young adults to create images that shows the world who they are becoming. To memorialize this moment in time when they step out on their own path on the planet.  


Family Sessions

Family of four - bald man, blonde woman, older woman, older man looking straight at camera

Working with families to document special moments in their lives is another one of the joys of being a photographer. I photograph special birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions all the time. Family sessions tend to occur in the Summer, Fall and Spring.

Important things to know!

  • Session fee is $500 per hour

  • Session products are available a la carte

  • There‚Äôs no limit on the number of individuals per session, but know, the more folks to photograph, the longer it will take