Sarah and Peter / Shining Tides, Mattapoisett MA

Photographing Sarah and Peter's glorious wedding at Shining Tides in Mattapoisett, MA was a rare occurence when the two worlds I work in intersected. In addition to being the awesome wedding photographer that I am, I happen to also be an awesome school psychologist as well. So it was so awesome to photograph a wedding at Shining Tides, as it also serves as the site for YMCA Summer Vacation programs. In talking with the awesome coordinator of the night, I learned that the many events held at the Y, fund several summer programs the Y offers.  That knowledge warmed the cockles of my school psychologist heart. Working in an urban district, I know many children count on the affordable and subsidized summer programs offered by organizations in their communities. 

And as if I wasn't giddy enough, photographing Sarah and Peter's wedding was just incredible. I loved every moment I captured. In joining together in matrimony, Sarah and Peter were also blending their awesome families into one mega unit of love and happiness. It was almost as if their happiness infused everything around them. Everything pulsed with life, color and emotion. 

You might think I am exagerrating, or because my School Psychologist heart was over-flowing that I may have been viewing the day with rose-colored glasses. However, take a look at their pictures and tell me if you can just feel the happiness radiating from your screen and warming YOUR heart. 

I'd love the opportunity to work here again because shining tides gave me ALL the feels!  Give me a call if you're still in the hunt for a photographer!