Candice and Bryan • Squantum Association, East Providence RI

Candice and Bryan's wedding was the last wedding I photographed in 2017. I was second shooting with another photographer and I ended up in one of the most lovely locations I've ever been to in East Providence RI.  As a recreational biker, I was pleasant surprised to discover the incredible Squantum Association Club right off the bike path in East Providence. 

Emily and Michael's Engagement Session

Emily and Michael's engagement session with me occurred a month before Christmas. If you recall, it was frigidly cold and although the sun was shining, you couldn't really feel the warmth on your face because your face was frozen.  

Since Christmas was just around the corner, Emily suggested we have a session during their hunt for a Christmas tree.  It was a fantastic idea and I jumped on it immediately! The weather had been mild and there was this awesome Christmas tree farm in West Greenwich Emily wanted to try, so we all sallied forth.  The second we stepped out of our cars however, we looked at each other and immediately thought - "We have regerts".  IT WAS COLD! Super Duper Cold! 

For the first few images we took, Michael snuggled up to Emily, not to look cute and cuddly but to leech heat from her marvelous faux fur-lined vest.  We called him out out on it of course, which also made for great images!  

But then, once we got going, and our extremities were pretty much numbed by the cold, we got down to making images that warmed my heart. We had a fun day walking around in the trees. 

I'm looking forward to photographing their wedding later on in October this year.  Stay tuned next week for Vicki and Lexi's engagement session.  This time, I travel to the site of the first psychiatric hospital in Massachusetts, and believe me when I say, we were not alone! 

The Instagram Hits of 2017 and beyond!

So I'm a Johnny-come-lately with this, but I finally figured out how to share the images everyone liked the most from my Instagram feed.  All December long, I saw photographer after photographer share their images and I was chartreuse with envy! But thanks to the googles, I figured it out. 

It appears Israel and Daisy's wedding was very loved!  I loved that wedding too! There was so much gentle love in the air. 

 The best of 2017!

The best of 2017!

Here are the images from 2016! Apparently everyone likes my face. I take that as the compliment it was obviously intended to be! 

 The best of 2016! 

The best of 2016! 

Every time people ask me about my photography style, I always mention how much I love color and I try to find it in every aspect of my life. Check out the favorites from my personal instagram account! 

I can't wait to see what awesome images I make this year will be the favorites of 2018! 

Stephanie and Anthony

Stephanie and Anthony were married at St. Stephen's Church in in Concord, MA and held their ceremony at the Hilton Hotel in Dedham MA.  This venue was another first for me and I was pleasantly surprised by their facilities.  I will have to state, that I have decided the traffic around that section of 1-95 is the devil and I wouldn't wish experiencing it on any friends of mine.  My enemies can go live in it for all I care! 

Stephanie and Anthony's wedding was bilingual. Having their wedding ceremony held in Spanish was a key reason why their service was held at St. Stephen's.  The church was beautiful, easy to get to and was very accomodating to their needs. So for any bilingual couples out there seeking a spanish-speaking church for their weddings, definitely give them a call. 

I was only at the Hilton for a short while, but as you can see from the pictures below, I certainly caught a lot of the love and fun everyone had! 

Maryssa and Neil / Bristol Country Club, Bristol RI

On October 7th, 2017, I photographed Maryssa and Neil's beautiful nautical-inspired wedding at the Bristol Country Club. They were married on one of those perfect fall days that had brilliantly colored skies all day long. Their ceremony was held at the country club just around the corner from Colt State Park in Bristol, which meant we had lots of awesome places to take photographs. It was a fun day!

Jenna and Daniel / Quonset O Club, North Kingstown RI

This was my first visit to the Quonset O Club in North Kingstown and I certainly hope it will not be my last! What a wonderfully beautiful venue. Jenna and Daniel had the best day at the club. They had the whole place to themselves and it was a marvelous night. 

Aldemira and Hop

Another beautiful wedding at Five Bridge Inn in Rehoboth MA. I was second shooting for Lisa McNeil of LMStudios. 

Sarah and Peter / Shining Tides, Mattapoisett MA

Photographing Sarah and Peter's glorious wedding at Shining Tides in Mattapoisett, MA was a rare occurence when the two worlds I work in intersected. In addition to being the awesome wedding photographer that I am, I happen to also be an awesome school psychologist as well. So it was so awesome to photograph a wedding at Shining Tides, as it also serves as the site for YMCA Summer Vacation programs. In talking with the awesome coordinator of the night, I learned that the many events held at the Y, fund several summer programs the Y offers.  That knowledge warmed the cockles of my school psychologist heart. Working in an urban district, I know many children count on the affordable and subsidized summer programs offered by organizations in their communities. 

And as if I wasn't giddy enough, photographing Sarah and Peter's wedding was just incredible. I loved every moment I captured. In joining together in matrimony, Sarah and Peter were also blending their awesome families into one mega unit of love and happiness. It was almost as if their happiness infused everything around them. Everything pulsed with life, color and emotion. 

You might think I am exagerrating, or because my School Psychologist heart was over-flowing that I may have been viewing the day with rose-colored glasses. However, take a look at their pictures and tell me if you can just feel the happiness radiating from your screen and warming YOUR heart. 

I'd love the opportunity to work here again because shining tides gave me ALL the feels!  Give me a call if you're still in the hunt for a photographer!