June 2018 in review - The Weddings

In June, I had the good fortune of photographing as second photographer to three fabulous photographers. I mentioned them in my June 2018 in Review post a little while ago. These gigs yielded me my very first triple header wedding weekend ever. I must say - it was quite the rush to go from one wedding to another.  

Something Blue Photography - The Villa at Ridder Country Club

Working with Something Blue Photography afforded me not only the opportunity to photograph at one of my favorite locations, The Villa at Ridder Country Club in East Bridgewater, but also to photograph an event in one of their grand ballrooms a feat that had eluded me so far.  I also got to work with a creative team that's based out of state.  Elle Audrey New York were the planners extraordinare who planned and executed a flawless event that involved a slew of vendors from various locations. 

Conte Sound Productions with Kristen Conte Weddings - The Waterman Grille, Providence RI

The next day, I worked with Kristen Conte of Conte Sound Productions. I've work with Kristen and her husband Tom before, so I knew I was in a for a great night.  From capturing getting ready shots in Providence RI, to documenting the wedding ceremony and parts of the reception at the Waterman Grille on the east side of Providence, I spent most of my evening laughing with one of the most talented wedding creative duos I know.  


Side Note - 

The Waterman Grille served mini-sliders. These burgers are the best burger bites on the face of the planet! One fell on the ground and was smashed. I cried real tears over that poor crushed mini burger! 

John Branch IV Photography - Blithewold Mansion, Bristol RI

I capped off working alongside the masterful John Branch IV out of North Carolina. Previously based in NYC, John moved his family and his business to North Carolina earlier this year. Sending out a call for a second photographer, I eagerly raised my hand to work alongside yet another photography professional from out of state.  Thanks to DJ Dakey Christmas for the behind scenes snapshot of John and I making pictures of the couple and the iconic arch at Blithewold. 

I have another set of second photographer gigs in the coming months and I'm looking forward to all of them. To all my prospective brides and grooms - note that when you request a second photographer at your wedding, you are working with folks who love their craft and the community. You're getting two professionals giving you various looks of your day AND who are having fun doing it!  

Are you getting married at The Blithewold Mansion or The Villa in 2019/2020 and are still looking for the photographer for your day? Let's chat then! I'm but a phone call or text away at 401.287.4120. 

Looking forward to working with you soon!


Charlene + David

These two got married on the first weekend of June, on the first truly WARM day of summer.  They were married at their home in Chepachet RI, which made for an incredibly relaxed atmosphere.  They were surrounded by friends and family who made everything special for them. And I mean, everything - Moms setting up the reception area, Dads breaking down smoked meat - this wedding was a labor of love from everyone. 

Charlene and David were so chill, I wish I could have bottled some of their zen energy for my personal use in some of the more frantic moments of my life. One of my favorite things was Charlene's bouquet which was made up of silk flowers and pages of her favorite Harry Potter novel - which I believe was the Harry Potter and The Globlet of FIre (don't quote me though). I also loved the relationship David had with his father. The two of them had a complete blast the whole day. 

My assistant Aidan loved the smoked meat.  I loved the laughter from everyone all day long. It was a great day! 

Congratulations to Charlene and David! 

That time when I photographed a newly minted engaged couple!

I can't tell you how many times I read of photographers catching a surprise engagement just because they were at the right place at the right time! Things like that never ever ever happened to me! 

Until it did! 

While I was at the Blithewold Mansion assisting a photographer with another another wedding, I happened to be THAT photographer who was there at the right time and place. I was walking through the Rose Gardens when I heard a squeal of pure joy and I looked up to see a couple embrace. The young lady was flush and breathless with the widest smile on her face while the man beside her was also smiling, in a relieved sort of way - as if he just passed a really huge test. 

There it was - a surprise engagement and I was there! with my camera. I should have dropped everything that very second and run to play the lottery because when next would my luck be this good?!

Here's Alan and Jasmine - after he asked, and she said "Yes!"

June 2018 in review

June was a month of making new friends, loosing favorite pieces of gear and experiencing my first triple-header wedding weekend ever.  That last tidbit made June a truly memorable month for me. 


I photographed five weddings in June - two as a primary photographer and three as a second photographer. I kicked off the month photographing Charlene and David's wedding at their home in Chepachet. It was a glorious informal affair that was a celebration of love and of family.  The next weekend, I travelled across Rhode Island to document a wedding of a couple that loves the City of Providence almost as much as I do.  

My second photographer gigs were exhilarating! If you follow the Piper Brown Photography instagram account (and if you don't, please do!) you'll recall three posts that went up the weekend of June 22 - 24 that featured a beaming photographer racing from one gig to another. 

I had THREE weddings y'all!  THREE back-to-back-to-back. My feet landed in Epsom salts Sunday night for sure! 

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 11.57.08 AM.png

Portrait Sessions

I had two days of family sessions this past month.  The first was a family reunion of sort at the Goddard State Park in East Greenwich. This was the session where I lost a favorite piece of gear - RIP Westcott 6ft Umbrella. After loosing my umbrella, I decided NEVER EVER to photograph another session without having an assistant by my side. Especially if I'll be using any lighting gear.  The next family session was really a compilation of a bunch of minis to be honest - It was the Annual Free Photos for Public Safety Families event. My second time participating in what's becoming an eagerly anticipated annual tradition in Rhode Island, I was able to make portraits for four different public safety families. 

Engagement Sessions

Finally, I capped the month off with two engagement sessions. Both held on June 30th which had to be the hottest stickiest day of the year EVER!  It was brutal being out there with little to no breeze, but I have to say, my couples made looking fabulous effortless AND refreshing! I'm not kidding.  I'll be posting about their sessions in the next couple of days, stay tuned for that. 

So that was my June in a nutshell.  July is a month of vacationing and chilling. I don't really have much planned for the month and so I'm going to take the opportunity to travel the country a little bit and enjoy time with my family.  When I'm not making images for Piper Brown Photography, I still have a camera in hand, photographing everything and anything that catches my eye. I've been toying with the idea of launching a personal work page just so I can share my random snaps as well. I mean, what else am I going to do with the images right?  Should I get that page off the ground, I'll be sure to share details about the page here as well. 

Next post will be details about the weddings of June!  Who, what, where and when! Come back and trek across RI with me.

And if you're in the market for a wedding photographer, please give me a call at 401.287.4120 or set up a date to meet on my calendar 

Happy Summer Everybody!

Christina + Matt

Christina hired me via facebook and so shooting her engagement session was my first opportunity meeting her in person.  I'm always nervous when this happens - simply because I know just how goofy I can be and all it would take is one of my ill-timed laughs to send a new client running for the hills. Somehow Matt and Christina were not phased by my guffawing which was very lucky for me! 

Christina and Matt are a fun-loving, sea-faring couple from Boston. We picked the wharfs of the New Bedford Whaling district to meet (Christina's idea) and our decision was blessed with gloriously warm weather. 

This was a super fun session - not even the blinding life-giving sun could dampen our moods.  I can't wait to photograph their wedding in September.  It's going to be so much fun!

Brianne + Dylan

"We are so beautiful" - Brianne gasped as I showed her the image on the back of DSLR. I laughed in agreement.  Dylan and Brianne were incredibly beautiful, not just physically, but in spirit. It's been a while since I've come across a couple like these two. Beautiful and strong in their joint Christian faith, they exude a calm that belies their youth. 

Dylan is a collegiate level baseball player from Oklahoma who came to Rhode Island to play baseball for college.  He met Brianne here through mutual friends and their ensuing story is the stuff of fairytales.  

These two lovebirds are going to make their way to Oklahoma shortly after they wed = much to the chagrin of Brianne's family and friends here in Rhode Island and the delight of the Brooks family.  

Good luck Mr. and Mrs. Brooks!  God's speed and stay blessed


Antonia + Mike

Will I ever be warm at the Lincoln Woods State Park?  Regardless of sunshine or time of year, I appear destined to wear my trusty Old Navy fleece jacket zipped up right up to the top!

I had another lovely engagement session at the Lincoln Woods State Park in Rhode Island, and just like my session in March, it was another windy cold session.  This session was with Antonia and Mike - both thrilled to be finally taking their photographs, both equally as cold as I was.  Given that this was our third time re-scheduling their engagement session due to inclement weather, we all just saddled up and sallied forth into the "frozen" tundra. 

Here are some images I made with this fabulous couple. 


Tip-toeing through the tulips

I'm not sure when the first time was that I heard the song "Tip-Toe through the tulips", but it's always stuck with me. A google search yeilded a performance by Tiny Tim circa 1975 singing this song in a trilling falsetto that harkened back to the days of old school cartoons I watched on Saturday morning. I choose to believe that's why I know this song.   This past Sunday, I got to literally tip-toe through the tulips with some of my couples at the Wicked Tulips Flower Farm in Johnston RI.  Each time the sunshine burst through the clouds, I was magically transported far, far, away from Johnston to a place filled with birdsong, warm breezes and oceans of color. The sessions were glorious!  

It's not too late for you to get your own glorious tip-toeing session with me.  Book a session with me and let's make some beautiful images together! 


Just in case you were curious, here are the lyrics and Tiny Tim's incredible rendition of TipToe Through The Tulips - Enjoy!

Tiptoe through the window
By the window, that is where I'll be
Come tiptoe through the tulips with me

Oh, tiptoe from the garden
By the garden of the willow tree
And tiptoe through the tulips with me

Knee deep in flowers we'll stray
We'll keep the showers away
And if I kiss you in the garden, in the moonlight
Will you pardon me? 
And tiptoe through the tulips with me

Maybe it's flowers you stray will be the showers of life
And when I kiss you in the garden in the moonlight
Will you pardon me and tiptoe through the tulips with me?

Gabby's First Magical Birthday!

This weekend, I photographed the birthday party of a very special girl - Gabby. She was turning one and her whole family turned out to celebrate this special occasion.  When Gabby's mom mentioned rainbows and unicorns at the theme - well, I just had to be a part of it! 

Here are some of my favorite photos from the day. The party was held at the Twelve Acres Banquet hall just up the road from where I live in Smithfield.  The sun was shining, the birds were chirping and DJ_Owtlaw was keeping folks dancing on the dance floor all afternoon long!  


Happy Birthday Ms. Gabby!  Here's to a long life filled with wondrous surprises and remarkable moments! 

Sunshine in Boston • Candace + Bryan's Engagement Session

In keeping with the weekend's celebration of sunshine and warmth, I ventured into Boston to photograph Candace and Bryan's engagement session. We spent time in the Boston Public Gardens. The gardens were teaming with peoples of all shapes and sizes,  lying around soaking up the sun rays. It was a glorious day. Which would account for all the glorious pictures we took. Here are some of my favorites.