Maryssa and Neil / Bristol Country Club, Bristol RI by Morayo Sayles

On October 7th, 2017, I photographed Maryssa and Neil's beautiful nautical-inspired wedding at the Bristol Country Club. They were married on one of those perfect fall days that had brilliantly colored skies all day long. Their ceremony was held at the country club just around the corner from Colt State Park in Bristol, which meant we had lots of awesome places to take photographs. It was a fun day!

Jenna and Daniel / Quonset O Club, North Kingstown RI by Morayo Sayles

This was my first visit to the Quonset O Club in North Kingstown and I certainly hope it will not be my last! What a wonderfully beautiful venue. Jenna and Daniel had the best day at the club. They had the whole place to themselves and it was a marvelous night. 

Aldemira and Hop by Morayo Sayles

Another beautiful wedding at Five Bridge Inn in Rehoboth MA. I was second shooting for Lisa McNeil of LMStudios. 

Katelyn and Steven / Wannaimoisett Club, Rumford RI by Morayo Sayles

Katelyn and Steven were married on a gray day in September, and held their reception at the Wannaimoissett Country Club in Rumford RI.  Despite the constant threat of showers and an unusually cool weather, these two were all smiles, chill and relaxed all day long.

And the service at the Wannaimoisett Club was spectacular. Given the cool weather, firing up the logs in the fireplace gave just the right amount of warmth and coziness to the reception.  Katelyn and Steven's friends and family all pitched in to make the day run smoothly for the couple as well. Check out the couple's cake - it's image 17 below. Steven's sister made that cake y'all! She made the cake, the details and put the cake together at the reception site despite being in the wedding party as well!  Friends and Family of Steven and Katelyn - Y'all are the REAL MVPS!

It was a great day filled with love and laughter! You just can't go wrong with that. Congratulations again to the newly weds!

Before they were four ... by Morayo Sayles


With Bill and Kelli

November 2017

Bill is my nephew's father and Kelli is his new wife. Bill, or Billy as I always call him was in a relationship with my sister a while ago, but despite all their good intentions, they discovered their true soulmates with new people that the universe brought into their lives.  They still have my nephew in common who is simply amazing and that makes me happy because I believe he highlights the best of both his parents. 

I don't really correspond much with Billy. Simply because I don't see him as much. I always extend my regards through my nephew and exchange the usual niceties when I bump into him around town. Which is oddly more frequent than you'd expect - although, let's keep it real, Rhode Island is not the largest of states. Bumping into people is fairly routine. 


Loving her husband!

Billy and Kelli - 11/2017

Thanks to the power of social media however, no one is ever truly out of touch anymore, so I was pleasantly surprised when Billy reached out via Facebook messenger asking if I would be willing to take pictures of his happily pregnant wife Kelli. I immediately obliged because it would be a welcome opportunity to catch up with Billy, meet my nephew's step-mother and do something nice for my nephew's father.  He is family after all.  So we meet at the Esmond Conservation Park Area in Smithfield, a nice little nook that I love to frequent in town. I caught up with Billy, officially met Kelli for the first time and learned all about what's new in their lives. It was a nice exchange. I discovered both Billy and I work in Fall River Massachusetts. We exchanged the requisite stories of hardship and commute commiserations.  Kelli glowed the whole time I was photographing her and Billy tripped over himself frequently in his attempts to ensure that she was comfortable. They both talked about how excited they were to be adding a new member to their family. Billy was particularly excited about having another son to throw the ball around with. 

It was nice catching up and I was happy to have contributed something to celebration of my nephew's brother's arrival.  

Congratulations Bill and Kelli!  You two are going to be amazing parents to your little bundle of joy and I look forward to welcoming him to the family this December. 

Billy and Kelli 

Billy and Kelli 

Although my heart belongs to wedding photography, I enjoy meeting with people, learning about them and making beautiful family images to freeze that moment in time for them. Do you have a story to tell? or do you just want to capture this time in your family's life right now?  GIve me a call and let's set up some time to do just that! 


Kristyn and Larry / Yawgoo Bakes, Exeter RI by Morayo Sayles

Kristyn and Larry win the most laid-back couple of the year in the Piper Brown 2017 Wedding Catalogue! They were so chill and ready for this day, all day long I felt like I'd crashed an intimate and exponentially fun family gathering in the middle of Exeter. From Larry and his boys, looking all dapper in their matching suits and baseball caps, to Kristyn and her girls rocking the All-Star kicks... this couple was dressed for maximum style and fun.  Kristyn drove herself to the wedding venue in Larry's immaculately restored Ford Truck, and you could see his face just beaming with love as their son Teddy walked Kristyn down the aisle. It was an AMAZING wedding ceremony.  

Kristyn and Larry were married at Yawgoo Bakes in Exeter, RI.  If you're a fan of clam bakes and you want a place to enjoy them to the fullest with your family and friends - then you've got to check out Yawgoo Bakes. I was so excited that these two introduced me to this venue. I can't wait for the next wedding I'm fortunate enough to photograph there.  

Check out the images from their day below and enjoy! If you have a moment, tell me which image was your favorite in the comments below. If you're a laid-back bride looking for a photographer to match your vibe, please give me a call! I'd love to work with you. 

Arianne and Andrew •Blissful Meadows Golf Club by Morayo Sayles

This was a fun wedding!  I know you've heard me say this about all of my weddings, but this particular wedding involved feats of heroism by the groomsmen  standing on a "stable" rock wall so I could get a particular shot, me climbing into the rafters to photograph the bridal party dancing, and one of the most epically New England Sports fan cakes I've ever seen in my life! 

Arianne and Andrew were married on the picturesque greens of the Blissful Meadows Golf Club  in Douglas MA and their reception was held in the Historic Chestnut Room.  If you're a couple on the hunt for an elegant setting with a charming woodsy feel - then this is the venue for you. The sparking white lights that lined the ceiling beams added a whimsical element that made you feel like you were in a fairytale story.  I started off my day with Ari and her girls, watching them get ready and getting to know Ari.  Andrew has a "ride-or-die chick" with Ari for Life!