Night Wedding at Roger Williams Botanical Center

This week, I photographed Jess and Nick's wedding for the Orion Photo Group.  This wedding was my season opener and to state that I was excited would be understating it slightly. Any opportunity to photograph in Providence makes me giddy and this was my first wedding at the Botanical Center.  I had heard great things about the center, and it lived up to its reputation. The wedding ceremony and reception took place in a warm greenhouse filled with exotic flowers and plants. With the exception of a few white lights, there was not much to add in the way of decorative accessories. The gardens themselves were a feast of color and splendor for the eyes. 

It was a casual but elegant night full of fun and fantastic music by the Night Rhythm's Bryan, Jackie and Jerome . These guys were SENSATIONAL and were my favorite part of this wedding. I think all the guests were ecstatic when the band took their break, because it gave them a chance to rest their dancing feet. Even I danced and sang along all night and I had a job to do!

It was a great season opener and a wonderful night to document.