A spring wedding at the Park Theatre in Cranston, RI • Piper Brown Photography Inc.

Hi there faithful blog reader!

It’s Friday and I’m gearing up for another weekend filled with celebrations and nuptial festivities. There’s something so incredibly rewarding about my job as a wedding photographer - during wedding season, there’s a party EVERY weekend! Living la vida loca baby!

Today, I just wanted to share a wedding album slideshow I created for Kristene and Steve. They were married on the first glorious May Saturday we had at the Park Theatre in Cranston. This former stage theatre was purchased and retrofitted to become a band venue and to host special occasions, like the Jackson wedding. Although Kristene and Steve purchased my digital coverage collection, they were interested in purchasing a wedding album at a later date.

Take a look at the wedding album draft I made for them!

It’s very important to me that couples have a wedding album. Why? because I don’t have one. My husband and I never got around to purchasing one and I feel a sense of loss. There’s no way to get my album now either as our photographer has retired and since we were married in the dark days of film negatives (see what I did there), I have no way of recreating my album now.

So I impress on my couples to get an album, whether right at the time they purchase their collection with me, or afterwards when they come and review their gallery with me. It’s an important piece of memorabilia - one that lasts longer after the flowers fade away, the dinner is digested and your guests have gone home.

So start thinking about where your album is going to live in your home. Picture it’s place on your table or bookshelf in your home and be ready to pull it together when we get together after the wedding.