A Wedding on the Beach | Beavertail State Beach, Jamestown RI | Piper Brown Photography

Hey there my friendly reader,

I hope you’re having a great summer so far! It’s been a busy one for me and although I can’t believe it’s already July, time seems to be crawling by. These past few weeks, I’ve photographed several couples in a variety of engagement sessions and weddings. The subject of this blog is Kamryn and Doug’s wedding at Beavertail. Happy Reading!

Kamryn and Doug’s Sunset Wedding at Beavertail State Park in Jamestown, RI

Kamryn and Doug got married at the beginning of June, just when the weather started to get incredibly beautiful. They spent the early afternoon getting ready in their beach home in Fairhaven. I never realized that Fairhaven had beaches. Discovering the beautiful beach just outside their front door was a delightful surprise. Check out the view of the ocean front! Kamryn’s a realtor and this particular home they own is often for rent.

But back to the joyous occasion of my June wedding. Surrounded by their children (both furry and human), Doug and Kamryn spent the afternoon in their home getting ready to take the next step in their decade long relationship. It’s always a blast photographing any couple, but there’s something special about photographing a couple that’s so used to each other, they’ve worn off all their rough edges and move in each other’s space with ease. Kamryn twirled and whirled while Doug moved quietly from one spot to another, both of them relishing the time that they were spending with their children.

As with all weddings, timelines ran over and suddenly we were racing from Fairhaven MA to Jamestown RI to beat the setting sun. The ceremony at Beavertail occurred just before the sunset and just as fabulous as the couple that took part in it. The vows they shared were funny, touching and incredibly intimate. Everyone around them laughed and cried, including me - which made for some very shaky photograph making at times. But it was difficult to NOT make amazing images of this happy family. Congratulations to Kamryn and Doug!