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Hi, I’m Morayo

(El Jefe of Piper Brown Photography)


My philosophy as a photographer

  • To make bright, beautiful images that make my clients smile each time my images catch their eye.

  • To make the visual record of your story for your children and grandchildren. I’m telling them your story.

  • To bring back the lost art of flipping through albums with our friends and family by encouraging all my clients to print their pictures.

  • To celebrate and enjoy with my clients as they take the next step in the journey of their lives. I can’t photograph happiness if I don’t feel it!

  • To make as many friends of clients as I can!


ABout piper BRown Photography

I founded Piper Brown Photography in 2012 . Named after the family's beloved chocolate lab, Piper, my photography business grew naturally from a side-hustle into an ongoing business that produces the works you see on this site.  I come from a family of photographers and I have been photographing since the days of film and darkrooms. Although I'm based in Smithfield, I photograph weddings all around Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut. I'm also willing to travel!

This is Piper!

This is Piper!

About me and the things I love

  • I’m a wife and mom of three incredible children

  • I love Cake to an unhealthy degree

  • I’m a voracious reader of fantasy novels - my favorite author is Terry Brooks

  • Every Sunday, I indulge in some Bailey’s on Ice or in my coffee

  • I love dancing - especially at weddings

  • I’m a fan of all the humorous crime shows out there, like Psych, Monk, Major Crimes and The Closer

  • And the not-so-humorous ones like Law and Order SVU (I’m not quite sure why I torture myself!)

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What I do for you

  • Make you look like you were made for the camera, no matter how much you believe you’re not

  • Make you laugh while you celebrate with your family and friends even when they’re driving you crazy

  • To photograph all the moments you wanted to remember, and capture the moments you didn’t know you wanted.

  • To show you how to cut your wedding cake because I represent for all the cakes!


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"She made us all laugh and have a good time throughout the wedding day. The pictures captured every moment we wanted and looked amazing! I highly recommend Piper Brown Photography for any occasion!" .

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