Newport Cliff Walk Engagement Session

A few weeks ago, I got a request to photograph a sunrise engagement session in Newport. It’s no secret that I love love Newport. I especially love the Cliff Walk. Experiencing a Sunrise there was so incredible. It was even nicer to enjoy the sunrise with Weslley and CJ who drove up from Providence to get these images made. These two will be getting married in Hawaii last on in the year, but for now, they needed to get some engagement pictures done so their friends and family were convinced of their sincere desire to be wed.

These two are so low-key about their impending wedding that CJ confessed their level of chill exasperates all the folks who are so excited for them! I’m glad to provide evidence of their engagement! We walked along the Cliff Walk from the 40 Steps to the back door of Salve Regina. Weslley was incredibly gracious - even though I called him the wrong name REPEATEDLY (ugh!) and CJ was a complete rock star clambering over rocks in her crimson chiffon dress and HEELS! I was wearing sneakers and almost take a trip to Davey Jones’ locker!

Congratulations to these two and happy wedding day in Hawaii!